3D Glasses

Lestodon Skull

paso 01
1. Click here to download template


paso 02
2. Print it


paso 03
3. Cut it

You can make it in paper, but cardboard is sturdier.


paso 04
4. Assemble the glasses

By sticking the pieces and folding according to indications.


paso 05
5. Cut the cellophane

Use red and blue cellophane, and cut it a little bit bigger than the holes in the glasses.


paso 06
6. Stick and fold

Stick the cellophane to the inside of the glasses, and then fold the glasses. Please note that the red cellophane should match the left eye, and the blue cellophane should match the right eye.


paso 07
7. Look at the 3D video!

Wearing the glasses, move towards or away from the screen until you can appreciate de 3D effect.


Smilodon vs. Lestodon

smilodon vs. lestodon

Strange vertebrae

Sloth vs. Sloth

Gliptodonts' carapace

Sabre tooth